VERY bad if true:

Al Hasaka Province: A leading member in the Arab Baath Socialist Party was killed in clashes with IS fighters in the building of Al Baath Party branch in the center of Al Hasaka city, where the flags of the Islamic State were seen above the rooftop of the building.

SOHR was informed that the IS fighters, who stormed the building, were wearing the clothes of NDF, where they identified themselves to the guards as NDF fighters. Information reported death of some guards as well as death of the IS fighters who stormed the building.

Reliable resources informed SOHR that the Islamic State has recruited some fighters in the NDF in Al Hasaka, where a state of panic has prevailed among the regime forces, the military, political and security leaderships of the regime due to fear of sudden operations carried out by the recruited fighters.

The violent clashes renewed between the regime forces and IS fighters in the vicinity of the Regiment 121 in the south of Al Hasaka city after bringing military enhancement by IS to the vicinity of the Regiment, information reported casualties in both sides.