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Feel free to share useful tips & tricks that you know of. Any topic.

Scam Block Codes for iPhone and Android:

Dial #662# to turn on scam blocking.
Dial #767# to check if scam blocking is turned on.
Dial #632# to turn off scam blocking.

Source: How Do I Block Calls From "Scam Likely"? Here's The Real Solution!

The above are tried and tested on iPhone, Galaxy Note, and Pixel XL phones with US carriers. Not sure if they'll work outside the US.

Healthcare Experience

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Feel free to share your experience with your country's respective healthcare system. It can be country you reside in, you've resided in, or country of origin.

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Lets get personal a bit

Happy Ramadan to fellow Muslim Oroomers. They say the brain works smoother on an empty stomach. So may the rumblings of your stomach awaken your brain and guide you to abandon this pathetic excuse for a religion :)
I forgot how fun LGBT discussions are here 🐧
you are :P
Seriously, don’t know whether to,laugh or cry. I respect just leb’s Views on this. He never pretends that he’s anything else than a homophobe. What kills me are those who pontificate, go into endless circular pseudo scientific discussions to try to hide their bigotry...
What makes me happy is that there is a new generation who is taking the flag, since I am now old and tired, I wish them goodluck