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Breaking Stephen Hawking, modern cosmology's brightest star, dead at 76

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Back to the cosmos you go stardust. Hands down one of the most brilliant minds to walk the Earth. He defied all expectations and belief.

Stephen Hawking, modern cosmology's brightest star, dies aged 76

Scandal +18 Adult Show @ 'Discotek' Night Club in Beirut

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في صور ومشاهد غير مسبوقة على أعين اللبنانيين، دُهش من أمضى سهرته في أحد الملاهي الليلية في بيروت أمس بما تحوّل إليه الملهى في ثوانٍ.

وفي التفاصيل، أن رقص استعراضي تحوّل إلى ممارسات لا تُشبه الطبيعة بشيء، عندما تعرّت العارضتان وتمادتا في ممارسات إيباحية على المنصة وأمام الجميع

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Looking for a thread that was created post 2009 elections to capture all the BS and the masks uncovered after the elections. I totally forgot its name. Please help me find it
Just found out I am a transexual lol! My urologist said I only have one testicle haha, well I have two but apparently one is small :( We need to do a bunch of other tests, hopefully nothing too serious. So anyway from now on you better watch out for any transphobic comments you make, coz I will personally come after you and hunt you down!
@Indie you are on my watchlist lol!
@LVV Did I hurt your feelings lol???? Systematically giving me troll emojis just because I gave you one ? Yalla this is one more opportunity for you, deslike this haha Enjoy ;)
You did not hurt any feelings you can’t you are from outer space
Well sorry anyway if I did, I didn't mean to :) peace.
lol was wondering why it says flash flood warning on forecast... @LVV tears drenching the forum
What's the backstory of that viral video with the screaming woman at Aishti, anyone knows??
They sent it to me via whatsapp not sure how to post it here :(
There is also another one of a woman hitting her husband's girlfriend n calling her sharmouta.
All at aishti?
No that one was in front of her husband's clinic, he is a doctor or something. And he was like sketeh rah tjarsina hehe.

Everyday is someone's birthday here :)