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ibseventh wrote on NMA's profile.
It's definatley been a while
Looking for a thread that was created post 2009 elections to capture all the BS and the masks uncovered after the elections. I totally forgot its name. Please help me find it
Just found out I am a transexual lol! My urologist said I only have one testicle haha, well I have two but apparently one is small :( We need to do a bunch of other tests, hopefully nothing too serious. So anyway from now on you better watch out for any transphobic comments you make, coz I will personally come after you and hunt you down!
@Indie you are on my watchlist lol!
@LVV Did I hurt your feelings lol???? Systematically giving me troll emojis just because I gave you one ? Yalla this is one more opportunity for you, deslike this haha Enjoy ;)
What's the backstory of that viral video with the screaming woman at Aishti, anyone knows??