Naturalised Persons by Sect

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Naturalized persons by sect:
Few are “Maronite” or “Druze”
The enactment of Naturalization Decree No. 5247, dated June 20, 1994, has granted Lebanese nationality to 202,527 persons, distributed among the legally recognized Lebanese sects. Despite their large numbers, the Maronite and Druze sects received the lowest share relative to their population. 2,725 Maronites and 4,337 Druze have been granted Lebanese nationality, while the highest share was among Sunni Muslims, numbering 118,295 persons, i.e. 58.5% of the total naturalized population.
- Sunni: 118,295
- Shia‘a: 28,425
- Alawite: 7,954
- Druze: 4,337
Muslim total: 159,011
- Greek Orthodox: 10,736
- Armenian Orthodox: 9,977
- Greek Catholic: 6,617

Public Schools: One teacher Per three students

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Public Schools:
One teacher Per three students

Following the approval of the public employee salary scale, teachers have received high salary increases and six exceptional pay grades, which significantly raised the state education budget. However, there was no increase in the number of public school students, causing the cost of public education to rise to LBP 6 million per student, i.e. almost equal to the cost of private education. The educational level in some public schools is low comparable to that of private schools.

One of the major reasons for the rise is a surplus of teachers (and of course their wage increase) compared to the number of students. We found that there are 88 public schools with one teacher per three students...

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Anyone here have any military experience, either personal or through a friend/relative? What can you tell me about the Lebanese military? Do I have the choice of joining the Air Force as I do have some flying hours. What is the PT test like, I can't seem to find anything on the internet. Thanks.
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Hi @samyitani , I replied in the thread along with @mrsrx . Hopefully more people will post when those with the information you need see the thread. Sorry I don't have answers to your questions, as I don't know anyone in the LA.
we only have like 2.5 planes in the air force...

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