Gives Hope Lebanon's National Library complete, to open soon in Sanayeh

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BEIRUT: Caretaker Culture Minister Ghattas Khoury announced Tuesday the completion of the National Library building in Sanayeh, and said preparations were underway to inaugurate it, a statement from the presidency reported.

Fun The ladder that no one can ever move in Jerusalem

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So this is an interesting somehow funny story.
The Church of The Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem is controlled by several Christian denominations...

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To all the fathers,
who have no greater motivation than seeing the smile of their children,
everything you do will be rewarded one day.

Happy Father’s Day! :)
Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden
Yes good day to all fathers and such, but i have to ask, did u really not think that by using mem as a username you were going to irritate my OCD? Enno really? Couldnt u add that 'e' in the end? And u call urself a ux expert... /rant
@Jo, is there a way someone can ignore a moderator? I’m really tired of indie ‘s bullying and insults but when I click on her name I can’t find an ignore button. Thanks for your help
LOL are you hiding your failed Truce on the front page. by spamming rubbish ?
You approached me asking for my Mercy. THIS IS SPARTA !!! Play it again in your head :D