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Informational Entrepreneur? Move now to Newfoundland and Labrador - Canada

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Newfoundland introduces two new immigration options for entrepreneurs

Informational Travelling tips

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Hello all, this thread is to share travelling tips and share cool exotic sites to visit.

Am starting with denmark, has any of you freaks visited this country? Do you know any special sites i can visit outside the main cities there?

Thx for sharing :)

What we like talking about

Lets get personal a bit

Anyone here have any military experience, either personal or through a friend/relative? What can you tell me about the Lebanese military? Do I have the choice of joining the Air Force as I do have some flying hours. What is the PT test like, I can't seem to find anything on the internet. Thanks.
@Indie , you were referring to a new forumer? Who would that be, does he have any knowledge that would be useful to me?
Hi @samyitani , I replied in the thread along with @mrsrx . Hopefully more people will post when those with the information you need see the thread. Sorry I don't have answers to your questions, as I don't know anyone in the LA.
we only have like 2.5 planes in the air force...

Everyday is someone's birthday here :)