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Fun Mohammad Bin Salman Appears on Jimmy Fallon Show as Part of US Tour

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“Hey, I’d love to visit your Kingdom one day,” said Fallon at one point, to which Salman quipped, “Sure, I’d love to invite you to our incredible Ritz Carlton hotel in Riyadh. How about a three-month enforced stay!”

Fun Atari Unveils Its First Console In More Than 20 Years

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Atari officially unveiled the console’s name this week, as well as two controller prototypes and a logo. The first controller features a joystick design reminiscent of the Atari 2600’s, while the second looks similar to a modern Xbox controller, with asymmetrical analog sticks and ABXY buttons.

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Anyone here have any military experience, either personal or through a friend/relative? What can you tell me about the Lebanese military? Do I have the choice of joining the Air Force as I do have some flying hours. What is the PT test like, I can't seem to find anything on the internet. Thanks.
@Indie , thanks for the reply, I am currently in the US finishing my final year at UCF, majoring in Finance. During my time here I was able to learn how to fly, (I have enough hours to get a private pilot license) and I was just wondering if there was anyone here who knew someone in the Lebanese military who would know of ways to commission into the Lebanese military? I don't have military family/friends sadly...
@Indie , you were referring to a new forumer? Who would that be, does he have any knowledge that would be useful to me?
Hi @samyitani , I replied in the thread along with @mrsrx . Hopefully more people will post when those with the information you need see the thread. Sorry I don't have answers to your questions, as I don't know anyone in the LA.