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The best treatment for alcoholism

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I'm curious about alcoholism. Its because my father-in-law is already an alcoholic. He drinks every day and can't stay focus if he stops. It has a bad effect on his behavior. He easily gets mad when drunk. Do you know the best treatment for alcoholism? Are there home remedies too?

Ziad Doueiri’s “The insult”

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I watched the movie yesterday in a screening with the director in London. This movie was nominated to the pecans and lost...
it’s a good movie to watch, has lots of technical features in art direction, some good acting, and a mix of drama and funny.
But what was extremely clear was the saint-like portrayal of Samir geagea, and although Ziad talked about balance between the Palestinian cause the LF cause in the movie, I didn’t see it balanced at all...

Note: it was funded by the thug Antoun Sahnaoui of SGBL

Wondering what others who saw the movie thought of it.

What we like talking about

Lets get personal a bit

"Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."
Emperor Manuel II Paleologus
Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden
Since when do you follow the twitter feed of the Paleologus dynasty?
Wow yes that sure was an interesting read lol thanks for sharing 😂
Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden
It can seriously be made into a movie!!
Lol it would be deemed too unbelievable as a movie 😂
Anyone here have any military experience, either personal or through a friend/relative? What can you tell me about the Lebanese military? Do I have the choice of joining the Air Force as I do have some flying hours. What is the PT test like, I can't seem to find anything on the internet. Thanks.
@Indie , you were referring to a new forumer? Who would that be, does he have any knowledge that would be useful to me?
Hi @samyitani , I replied in the thread along with @mrsrx . Hopefully more people will post when those with the information you need see the thread. Sorry I don't have answers to your questions, as I don't know anyone in the LA.
we only have like 2.5 planes in the air force...