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Healthcare Experience

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Feel free to share your experience with your country's respective healthcare system. It can be country you reside in, you've resided in, or country of origin.

Share your favorite (funny) movie scenes!

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A reason why i always enjoy British gangster movies would be in most cases their hilarious script combined with their rough language/accent.

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Lets get personal a bit

To all the fathers,
who have no greater motivation than seeing the smile of their children,
everything you do will be rewarded one day.

Happy Father’s Day! :)
Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden
Yes good day to all fathers and such, but i have to ask, did u really not think that by using mem as a username you were going to irritate my OCD? Enno really? Couldnt u add that 'e' in the end? And u call urself a ux expert... /rant
@Jo, is there a way someone can ignore a moderator? I’m really tired of indie ‘s bullying and insults but when I click on her name I can’t find an ignore button. Thanks for your help
LOL are you hiding your failed Truce on the front page. by spamming rubbish ?
You approached me asking for my Mercy. THIS IS SPARTA !!! Play it again in your head :D