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This sucks Free Marco

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Marco 007 is the latest victim of a tremendous display of oppression by the forum powers that be.

If LVV can litter the forum with incoherent vitriol, why can't Marco?

#JusticeForMarco #JeSuisMarco #FawwatitGOAL #BiKlink

Opinion Evil corporations and ethical consumers

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Human greed is a catalyst for all kinds of transgressions and human rights violations, but some companies just take it to the next level, whether it was De Beers with their monopoly on diamonds artificially raising their prices by creating the illusion of them being ultra rare, their forceful relocation of indigenous people, and these are just the settled in court cases lol just the tip! Nestle with them convincing mothers in third world countries their milk is not healthy for their babies, giving them formula for free until their milk dries up, convincing everyone that water is not a right but rather a luxury in a bottle that you need to pay for, and again these are just the tip of the iceberg! Then you have Purdue pharma who told...

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