1. 1

    Just because we care

    We care and we show it.
  2. 50

    8th Year

    Honey, please don't forget the milk
  3. 50

    7th year

    It feels like we're married
  4. 50

    And thats a 6

    That's your 6th year here... Together
  5. 25

    Here's to 4 Orange years

    Celebrating our 4th year together
  6. 25

    3 years of posting

    3 years, we cannot thank you enough
  7. 50

    It feels like yesterday

    Its nice to grow old together :) Happy 5 years to you
  8. 25

    And another year passes by

    2 years and still hanging out here ? Well we got our self a keeper
  9. 25

    You can blow your 1 year candle now

    Time passes quickly yeah ? Your one year anniversary is today :)
  10. 15

    Happy one Orange Room month to you :)

    Its been only one month you've been here and we're started to fall in love with you