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  • Ana ze3len.... Waynak
    Wow member since 2005 ! 14 years.
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    Yep.. I was 17 and few days...
    7sebon biotla3 31
    @Ice Tea mestahwen l 18 enta Sen l reched hayda... Ya3ne fik tkhatet men 17 Lal 18 tengherm fie
    مسّحنا التمويل ومسّحنا التمويل مسّحنا التمويل ومسّحنا التمويل مسّحنا التمويل ومسّحنا التمويل مسّحنا التمويل ومسّحنا التمويل
    بخصوص الزهق!
    زهق غيري، بي انا فاتحول الى تسلاية هذا القصد انا ما بزهق
    if you ever wanted to talk to me or discuss any issue, you can chat with me on :

    [email protected]

    or at least we can be friends here, I have already sent friend request, Best wishes

    YouTube - Song: ''Min Addak'' ظپط±ظ‚ط© ط§ظ„ظˆظ„ط§ظٹط© - ظ…ظٹظ† ط¹ط¯ظƒ
    thank you! :)
    2awal dawra mnel 2enti5abet hiyyeh el sabet w bet medela shi 4 days, ba3den fi el dawra el tenyeh wel telteh!
    ربما تكونين ربة اهل الكبر سيدتي ، ولكني رب اهل التواضع
    Hahaha...4u...Shou Bta3mil Ta Kell El Banet Bet7ebbak?...Enta Lezim Nefta7lak Group Khsousseh Elak...Men Sammi "Fan group 4U"...hehe...Mesheh....Yalla Natrinak Bass Tejeh 3a Beyrouth...3ajjil Eh?
    thx la 2lak ..w akid mesh bass friend we7de 3ende bass MISS ORANGE hiyi mesh bass sadi2a 3azizi hiyi ikhet ,,w akid ma ra7 t3azbni ana yalli b3azeba deyman :),,w tsharafet b ma3reftak :)
    mehdi ya mehdi dont u use what we called hmmmmmm hmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmm a pm !?

    have you disowned me from the shia faith?or there is a new doctrine of "ex-communication" in shia islam?
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