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Abou Sandal
Jun 18, 2007
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Abou Sandal

Legendary Member

Orange Room Supporter
    1. oussama909
      Hi Abou Sandal I searched for ejuices in lebanon and importing issues fa i checked vape wild wo i talked to their support they told me "It'll say VW USA and in the package notes it'll mention Shampoo/Machine Oil" fa it won't have any problems at the customs i'll be ordering myself in a day or 2, fa i just wanted to tell you this so you can use it and inform lebanese people about it.
    2. first_major
      Hello, was reading the vape thread and was wondering if anyone got luck or knows a way to ship juice or pg/vg onlie, otherwise were to find them local
      1. Ahmad.vapes
        hello i know where you can find pg and vg in beirut. its a local store called dabbous in haret hreik it sells chemicals and other related stuff you cand find pg and vg there in a very cheap price
        Dec 10, 2016
    3. Zilo
      Hey, I have read a thread regarding e-ciggy , was wondering is there any issue if I buy my juices and mods online and send it to Lebanon ? Please advice . Thank you
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      2. Zilo
        Hi Thanks, but do you know where I can get it in Beirut instead of buying online ? I find it difficult to send it to beirut without any postcode and etc. I am quite confused with the address system to be honest.
        Oct 5, 2015
      3. Zilo
        Drop me a text 71717103 it will be easier that way
        Oct 5, 2015
      4. Abou Sandal
        Abou Sandal
        There are no such batteries in Lebanon. You can only find them online.
        Oct 8, 2015
    4. shadow1
      Hey Abu Sandal, how are you, i am now in lebanon trying to leave a small patch of land a lot prettier before its owners sell it to a developer who might turn it into a depot for barbed wires. While here i managed to germinate 14 of the seeds of a tree I once gave you seeds for . Of course they are pretty tiny still, about ten cent. But they grow fast. I would be more than happy to give you one of them. They are called Illawarra flame trees and you can google their pictures or see one of my albums on facebook. Let me know if interested.
    5. Dalzi
      Haha! Multitasking! And here I'd thought it's only women who could do that. Thanks for the tip :biggrin:
    6. Dalzi
    7. Dalzi
      Good job lol She's adorable! I love her hair and skin colours and her eyes. Best of the sanadel. Yallah next... :p haha A secterian boy is a must.
    8. Dalzi
      Loud, ambulances, fire alarms, explosives... etc dznt matter. As long as the eyes are secterian, all's good lol Besides, beautiful without wild is boring. Encourage them to stay as they are.
    9. Dalzi
      Give me some of that stuff ur takin t stay up this late and get up that early. Or is it just Miss secterian eyes and behaviour keeping you up? Or maybe Emsandal's voice and sandal?!
    10. Robin Hood
      Robin Hood
      "They" are also going to return Lebanon and Iraq to it's true belonging.
    11. Robin Hood
      Robin Hood
      Being afraid! Being really afraid you Fakihi Majous, because Weezy will come to you after he sends Khamenei to a jail in KSA.
    12. Robin Hood
      Robin Hood
      I heard that Weezy will jail the Fakih and liberate Iran from the Safavids.
    13. shadow1
      sorry AS I didnt realise the pict was going to take so much space so i deleted it
    14. Faithful
      Bonjouuuuur Abou Sandal, I sent you a private message, did u receive it ? :502: :blushing:
    15. shadow1
      what an insult to your lebanesity to say you dont know everything. Are you sure you are not persian trapped in a Lebanese body? You know what ya abu Sandal, I do admire your stamina and your dedication to your political views. MIne are all over the place. It's not really pragmatism as much as it is lack of conviction. One conviction I have held forever is how Lebanese leaders are he luckiest lot in the world. They could rob a country blind, send it into wars civil and uncivil, destroy the hopes of one generation after another, make despair the order of the day and yet we cant even throw 2amar ward at them. And that is because we are so eager to die for them. IMO it all boils down to one thing and that is a very individual matter : What value do we put on our lives since we are so willing to put very little price on it.
    16. shadow1
      Good thing you know it. I always believed a man who can write 15000 postings must know everything.
    17. shadow1
      I apologise for not explaining what I meant by Martha Martha. In case you are not familiar with it, there is this line in the Bible where Jesus says to Martha: مرتا مرتا أنت مهتمة بأمور كثيرة والمطلوب واحد
    18. Abou Sandal
      Abou Sandal
      Salome...Are you seriously discussing the content of these links with me in here...hahaha...I didn't even check them, but just to give you something, some kind of direction to start with...If you want an example of a more specific link, then try this issue http://forum.tayyar.org/f100/genocide-myanmar-46391/

      Notice that Christians were also persecuted the same way before ....
    19. Salome
      The links are not that convincing :) Laos, Cambodia etc they all had a bloody period of dictatorships these are not the countries coming into my mind when I think about buddhism...it is kind of rare nowdays to hear about buddhist fanatics blowing themselves and others up just to protest against sth...last time I heard it was a tibeti going on hunger strike
    20. Salome
      When and where? Pls short cut some infos so you spare me the research :D
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