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  • Who's the cutie in the pic? Just eatable! wlak shou hal banet ya Abou Sandal??? Lezem tjib ba3d mazel 3am yotla3o ma3ak heik :D
    Very delicious looking, keep her safe from wolves :p I cannot declare her secterian yet. I have to wait and see how her eyes will develop in the next few months before issueing the verdict.

    Btw, ther's a perfume called Chloe.
    hello, it's been a long time. Just wanted to check in and see how you are doing :)
    hi AS my number in Lebanon 70588606. i have had some problems. I am leaving on the 27th of may but coming back 14th of JUne
    hello AS, I shall be in your land next Monday. I am taking with me seeds of native plants and few small seedlings. Do you know anyone who knows how to grow trees from seeds (it isnt as simple as covering the seeds with soil and watering them) some people know scientific ways
    hi abou sandal, how r u? just wanted to ask u about the electronic cigarette, i liked what you wrote under that thread, i would like to know if u r still smoking e-cigs till now... if yes, can you please advise me about the new types of those cigarettes. From what i know, the old ones used to be of liquid filling type, the new ones just requires you to change the cartridge. Can u please send me some links and tell me which one i should get and what accessories do i need. by the way, i have been searching a lot in pharmacies here in beirut and i couldn't find any!!! Are there new types in lebanon as good as the ones found online, coz i think it would be hard to keep ordering cartridges online everytime u need some.
    sorry for the long message, hope to hear from u... thx
    wish you and your family and friends a very happy and healthy new year. And a peace of mind to cope with Lebanon's daily doses of excitement.
    With Leather sole and lining, manufactured in Iran. Labbessa la martak and you'll be perfect match. I've put in an order for the girls :p
    wlik ya Abou Sandal, tokhmeen l maktab lli btishtighil fi byefta7 lazbounet ba3d noss leyl bass?
    hehehe i am fine.. miss you wlo ... ay mata badna nchoufak ?
    Ma tkhalle 2im Sandal tfout 3al forum .. wa 2ill layle l nawme 3la kanebeye :devil2: :biggrin:
    Ohhhhhhh .... l telte sebte Abou Sandal... This little cute baby looks like youuuuu :clap:... she has your eyes :msncool: .... mich tali3la chi 2imma :rolleyes:????

    Btw, how are u doing ? :biggrin:
    Foter sa3id Abou Sandal.... 3a2bel kil sine w alla ykhallilak yehoun
    Fi chi jdid 3al tari2 ??? :tongue: ....Sallimle 3ala 2em Sandal
    Of course not normal, since anybody shall be free to think or say whatever they want....probably in some countries though it is conflicting with the accepted "norm" thus somehow harm the freedom of others...yeah boring topic indeed and don't know what new I would find out I don't know yet. And no I can not waste my time on that website...anyway as said been to Auschwitz and saw the truth with my own eyes, its all there in that museum. By the way somehow the jewish propaganda and the holocaust denial seem so similar to me.
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