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  • :biggrin: I like how you twist and turn if its healthy for you then be my guest...

    over here you would be arrasted for what you claim...hmm we must live in two very different world I guess....anyway not that I want to dig into this whole issue but if you insist you can provide some links, other than the holocaustdenial website
    Welcome back AS!!
    shou hal ghaybe heyde.. nice Avatar btw, kebro el sabaya smallah!! ykhallik fo2 rassoun
    Teslam :blushing: ... khajaltne :blushing:
    Eh walla chta2na ... bala maze7 bas 2elak fa2de ....ma ba2a tsangifna :sneaky2:

    PS: banetak saro sabaya .. smalla 3layoun ... wayna l telté mich bil soura ???
    Ya Halaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Nawar l forum ya Abou Sandal
    Welcome back ... we really missed u :smile:
    Hi Abou Sandal, kif badna na3mol ta nizra3 shajar ma3ak w ma3 shads?
    Kifak and the family? Kisses to im Sandal and the girlsss ;)
    Hope to see u soon, take care
    Hi,i am new to this forums and i am wondering if you know how to create a thread ?
    thx in advance
    Thank you AS for the nice comment. I thouroughly enjoyed your analogy of sitting under the shadow of the tree. It makes one think of perpetuity albeit in quite a reflective way. On my next visit to Lebanon, I will bring you guys seeds or seedlings of many nice species. And once I figure out how to post pictures I will post one of the tree born out of similar seeds to the ones I gave you.
    Happy New Year Abou Sandal... May 2010 be full of joy and happiness to you and your family...
    مباشرةً من الضاحية الجنوبية. تحية إلى صندلك يا أبو صندل

    Napoleon the first, was one of the most bloody crazy wacko dictators the whole world have ever seen, yet this doesn't prevent me to appreciate the French civil code written under his bloody regime, or some of the great revolutionary achievements done in his era.

    My thread is about the Soviet era's arts and music and achievements...not about communism. It is not about "adoration of soviet crimes", but about appreciation of some aspect of the soviet culture under the communist regime.

    The regime's atrocities are the fruit of few criminals in power, while the culture and achievements are the fruit of a whole historic nation, in all its working forces and thinking brains.

    I hope that you can appreciate the difference, and give that great nation, the credit it deserves.
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