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  • ***Sigh*** for a minute i panicked that someone is giving me credit for something that is not mine. Sorry about missing the sarcasm . My experience with you is that you are better at hunour than sarcasm. Now i can go to sleep..
    Merci! 2rito and it seems that zouhour is near, especially if there's a revolution in Egypt and Yemen.
    Sir, we must inform you that you are under arrest for your blatant anti-Semitic displayal of a flag of Israel where Star of David is replaced by the Nazi cross. Do not mess with the chosen people.
    The Mossad
    Mbala Mbala Ta3a Shou Baddak....Fi 2ahweh Elak Law Shou Ma Sar...Bass Ma Ra7 Ysir Shi...Kell Shi Bi Sir Enno Byetla3 El Dareb Fihon Be Honik Ma7all...hehe
    Mbala Ta3a...Things will be quite well this summer.Ma Fi Shi Gheir 3adeh.

    The political stand-off is a little depressing,yes,but it will stay like that for quite some time...without any specific change.

    Nothing significant to worry about.
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