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  • Welcome to the new pack ;) I had it cleared last year (or even earlier) and became 'friendless'.
    "On September 15, 2012, Cozart uploaded a photograph of himself receiving oral sex to the image sharing application Instagram. As a result, his account was subsequently banned for violating Instagram's terms of service."

    LOL! You actually listen to this douche bag? :p
    Simsom ma home boii, its been a long time doggg... you be trippin if you dont join this thread you digg!

    And yeah I've heard this song. This isn't exactly the type of rap songs i listen to, i love lil waynes verse though.
    Does he look like someone who can be guided? Weezy's a helpless case. Minaj and gaga generation.
    "Tell a hater yo! dont you got cocks to blow?", nicki says hi :p

    come on dude.. her sales think otherwise.
    From nicki minajs' new album

    1- Up in flames
    2- Freedom

    If you dare disagree on the supremacy of these two songs over what you listen to, you will officially be declared hiphop illiterate and an enemy to the entire music industry.

    I'm sorry, once an extremist always an extremist.
    May I interest you with some rick ross? topped with a touch of drake.

    Drake kills it here.
    Not bad! -.-

    I'm gonna be spamming you with Young Money songs till you admit they are the best rappers that have ever roamed planet Earth.
    Yeah I saw you talking about kendrik lamar once. The thing is most people judge these rappers by their hit songs. Most of their songs I listen to (more like addicted to) are barely known to most people.
    Well i haven't hung around here for along time. Sometimes I read it, but so may posts in a thread it's hard to keep up. I think I get an idea of what is going on, drama in the den. Reminds of LFdotOrg
    lol, I am not a sectarian on the forum or in life, but in my world... or rather, where I am from or live there is no room for sharia law or bearded men giving orders based on religious decrees. Those who want to hang people with cranes or chop off heads, can go straight to where Jimmy55 always tells them to... hell.
    Yeah, possibly the HA commander. lol. I feel like I am in enemy territory here. You have switched sides yourself, big time.
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