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  • actually Obama is for sure. As for Saad Hariri I am not even sure he could even rise to the occasion in such manner.
    I do hope before you engage in those battles of yours you consult Don Quixote De la Mancha.He can give you few useful tips. Listen and listen carefully, if you have no intention of becoming a minister tell me honestly and frankly. I aint wasting my goodwill on someone who might have to resort to chapter 11 to save his own skin when he can scre*w his country and get praised for it. BTW aren't you perturbed at all that your man turned out to be no more than bubbles anf froth?
    That is not where you're supposed to answer. And here I thought you were a future minister material. On second thought ineptitude is a quality for ministers.
    And you need saving now do you?. Just think, had you been wise you could have made us all rich and instead of shodows we could have had bodyguards. But No, you still believe in the tooth fairy.
    I am waiting for the world to save me.

    Can a shadow have a shadow? This question has been puzzling me :)

    hahahah you are a green member now. I was wondering where you have been saving the world.
    Nah, I do from time to time take a peek at the world through the eyes of forumers. I just feel I have nothing further to contribute. The situation in the middle east is way too tragic to even pander to my sadistic tendencies and no need for me to tell you what I think of Lebanon. Having said that I do admire your perseverance and your care for your country. For me the picture is too ugly to become totally immune to its effects. How can you make a country out of people intoxicated with bloodshed is beyond me but I suppose one gets used to adversities. You must be happy with the stupidity of our beloved patriarch. You didnt know he was my teacher in high school and let me tell you I hated him like hell. In a way though one can relate to his tokhbis. When you run out of options a bad one is just as good as a good one.
    I missed you too :)

    at this stage in life I will try anything to have people shadowing me all the time... my silly postings must have flushed you out of your hole :)
    Try to go easy on the silly postings. To acquire hadami at this late stage in life risks having it confused with something else.
    It's never too late from you Shadow... as long as I know you love me, I am happy :)

    Happy New Year to you.

    Don't worry about your lost reply. I wasn't going to read it anyway. LOL
    I prepared all this elaborate reply to your posting which took me more than 1.5 hours to have it lost in the posting process. Click click and it was lost in space. So you will have to do with a second rate reply. Happy new year to you and yoru family , albeit a belated wish.
    If you really love your country so much you would find a way in it to help you overcome your heaviest burden. You've had a couple of opportunities but you missed them. This makes the option of sainthood all the more appealing. If you still want that statue, that is.
    ooops I had this written on my screen.
    so ya Amirkani, what will you become when you go to Lebanon? Iza tlo3it 2ad 7alak bitseer 2ddees there are already precedents in your neck of the wood. And you know if you want eternal life you might as well give me all your worldly belongings, the tradeable ones that is.
    wlek ya Shadow stop bugging Doc... she's too much of a lady to indulge in your unsolicited and vulgar harassment.

    Her comment was from August and she was throwing the party, not me :)

    As usual, you're slow and 3-4 months too late. It must be the effect of the uranium you keep buying. You're probably now laughing at the joke Doc told last year.
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