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  • Btw, summer is close, finally. I hope t will not snow again, last Sunday it was snowng melting snow.
    If u work n a store, I advise u to know work the nght of the Stanley Cup. But if u do, b3od 3an l 2zez.
    How are you mate? Been off for a while - as I told Sputnik, felt too much bad karma on the forum and needed to get away from politics. Hope you'll join the pack soon ;)
    I hear you man - They all share one same peanut for brains - But I don't blame them, I blame their (lack of) education which is supposed to show them the way. And that my friend, is the responsibility of those politicians -

    The Tashnag should inquire about the use of those flags as their use seemed unnecessary. Especially on the martyr's square statue..

    Happy V-day and Tesba7 3ala watan :wink:
    LOOOL I'm living the same thing - this thread is unreal! Turkiye Cine5 take over cable from balcony to neighbor marijuana killz relationship of Armenian and office computer :tongue:
    Happy New year to you and your Family ya Armenian.

    Good luck with everything, and hope you win the lottery this year (that's a nice wish rite?)

    Thanks man, Happy New Year to you too and your family.
    Good luck with all your endeavors

    Go Habs :)
    Happy new year to you as well. Wish you best of luck, and your family.
    Hope 2010 will be a better year and the protocols never be ratified hehe
    Happy new year Armenian. May 2010 be a year of blessing to you and your family, and make all your wishes come true.
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