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  • As far as the topic of Israel and the Palestinians, well there are many perspectives to every issue, and I understand that this issue is far too polarizing for anyone, especially on here, to not have a solid opinion. Contrary to that, I have my views on the subject, albeit not too extreme or so I think especially if you take into account the perspectives of hardliners, but I worked (as a volunteer) on and off for two years tending to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, through an NGO that a very good friend of mine is part of. I don't think one who hates Palestinians would do such volunteer work.

    Hi baleha,

    Contrary to what you think or have interpreted from my posts, my views towards Palestinians or Muslims are very humble.. I do not hold any type of hate or bigotry towards anyone, and my views are not strict; they evolve based on the facts on the ground. My posts were speaking of political Islam.. not ordinary Muslims. Political Islam is a dangerous idea in today's modern world, is it not, and I would oppose it as much as I would oppose Christian domination of Europe and the western world.. and I lived in the American Bible Belt and faced this social struggle myself for few years. I am a secular being, therefore I vehemently and with passion oppose any type of theocratic and autocratic domination over public and private life.. hence my posts on political Islam.
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