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  • it's fine until now, i have a job lol and some clients give me freelance work.. what about u? conferences?

    hehehe it's actually very dumb of me, j'avais la tete ailleurs en te posant cette question :tongue: . je me suis rendue compte un peu plus tard, mais bien sur, il nous est interdit d'effacer quoi que ce soit, meme dans nos propres profiles :sneaky2:..
    btw i have a Masters in translation from USJ, promo 2007..

    Hello :) I hope I can count on your support for the Forum Elections - Round 1

    My electoral campaign:

    part 1:
    My forum election campaign - The Orange Room - forum.tayyar.org

    part 2:

    My forum election campaign part 2 - The Orange Room - forum.tayyar.org


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