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  • Hey Boris, your picture is awesome !
    Where did you get it from, does it represent a specific group or party ?
    HAHAHAHa, eh now ziziponpon sarit dingy wingy! :biggrin:

    la7 2estafid men kel la7za of this coming year! I've got so many things in my head!

    btw, could you please support me in the forum elections ? :)
    Oh, so you should know my cousin Pierre Karkar! maybe my aunt Helen also taught you in 2nde!
    HAHAhA, what the hell is ziziponpon??? :p 2akid shi 2e5tira3 men 3and Chlela! loool, I would have gladly sent her your salutations bass met5ena2 ma3a 3al t2il! :p
    This comming year, I am looking forward to have some great fun and do some crazy things, but this year's f**** promo ruined everything for us! you surely heard about the vandalism that happened! because of that, they are going to tighten restrictions more! (especially that know, Pere antoine nakad is back!)
    As for Habbouche, well, I think I already planted some sort of bomb when I left 3eme! :biggrin:

    So you are also a Antoura Student? :D What Promo are you??
    I just reveived my final results and was accepted for Terminal ES, So I am also now a 15 year student in Antoura!!! I really started realizing this year how important our school is! I'm thinking of opening a thread about it :p
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