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  • There comes a time in everyone’s life when they meet a person that changes their perception on many things they are used to. I’ve lived a long life, and I’ve seen and experienced many things. You are simply a jewel of a woman. Knowing you is a gift any man wishes to receive in his lifetime. Class, intelligence, beauty, words I use to describe you yet I feel justice is being not served. A woman unlike any other, I’m honored to call you my friend.
    روحي وروحك يا روحي روحين بروح ان راحت روحك يا روحي روحي بتروح ... يا هيك الاشعار يا بلا
    Her gentlewomen, like the Nereides,
    So many mermaids, tended her i' the eyes,
    And made their bends adornings; at the helm
    A seeming mermaid steers; the silken tackle
    Swell with the touches of those flower-soft hands,
    That yarely frame the office. From the barge
    A strange invisible perfume hits the sense
    Of the adjacent wharfs. For her own person,
    It beggared all description; she did lie
    In her pavilion,--cloth-of-gold of tissue,--
    O'er-picturing that Venus where we see
    The fancy outwork nature...
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