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  • danymsfeir
    hey can you reply on my social group
    Your services are needed on the zajal franji thread, unless you're not good at that.

    We have bella challenging some man to reply to her. I can't be a man all the time.
    Robin Hood
    I get you, but correct me if I'm wrong, isn't most of what you talked about provincial powers? Ya3ne if a Canadian province where to join the US, won't it be able to continue with it's current communial policies?
    They thought we were bluffing by forming a government without them....
    hey danny how can i post videos in here ????? :(
    Watani is watching you :zouzou:
    Ayouha Mouchagheb, relax man cool it down, it's a Forum not a Kick Boxing :msncool:
    For any help, don't hesitate to contact me!
    Happy New Year Danny... May 2010 be full of joy and happiness to you and your family...
    Joumana Gebara
    LOL Danny, you are really the only guy who managed to make me laugh this week. Thanks really for your latest comment, I can't stop laughing especially if you are convinced of what you are saying.
    Kif elak jlede tred to all the posts of this Majid??? LOLLL
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