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  • Happy new year to your and your family. I still havent made the final decision on the trip yet. How have you been? shou, are you forbidden now to go on msn?
    Hello Doc

    It's been ages since I heard anything from you. How have you been? wayn aradiki bihal 2iyyem?
    Sorry Doc. I had to rush to work. Our busy part of the year has just started And no no trip to lebanon for me this year. I have finally decided to go with my sisters next year to Lebanon for the most part of June and May. I also would like them to visit one other place. It could very well be France and I get to see you finally in your natural habitat
    I sent two emails but there was no answer. How have you been? I dont see you much in the chatroom cafe
    Aux âmes bien nées, La valeur n'attend point le nombre des années. :thumbup:
    hahaha ya 3ayb l choum nsit 3arrfik 3a ebn l 3amm, kamen meghtereb 3endkon. wein lta2ayte fi??
    Miss you tooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Send me ur phone nb bi moscou to call you 3al New Year :D\
    Nboste ktir bannout, (K)(K)
    Ba2oussi :biggrin:
    Ana 2elet la 2eje a3mellik zyara.... wala marra zeyre l profile taba3ik :rolleyes:
    Tu vas bien ???
    Battalo ktir around, noss l cha3eb msefar...leh ma 3meltileh add 3al msn?
    Yes docitto! kifik? i just saw the comment and i replied. I miss you men chway khatarte 3a beleh :) im feeling a bit down today :(
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