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  • I hope you read my comment :biggrin:. I told you many many times that I live in iran, but no one believes me.
    Hello there fellow forumer :)

    Can I count on your support for the forum elections ? :)

    Her are my first campaign ads:

    My forum election campaign - The Orange Room - forum.tayyar.org
    Lah Lah, istaghfarallah.
    Bas ma ti3taleh ham, I will be more active from now on, I need to sell my vote before June 7th.
    How have you been?
    Fe23a 2oudit l kahraba :crying: ma fi kahraba mn hier matin :crying:
    Halla2 meshe l moteur cz matra7 ma meshterkin, kahrabeton ba3da mni7a :crying:
    look at your friend Amirkani, he gets pprettier as time goes by. Is That him in drags in the avatar?
    Je te souhaite une année 2009 pleine de joie, de bonheur, de succès et d'amour (K)
    Miss you :crying:
    btw why did you accept Amirkani's invitation to be your friend? you should have replied "return to sender ma3 L shokr"
    how was your chistmas dinner ya doc? Did everyone have what his/her heart desired or are they still talking about the food in your social circle?
    it's xmas already. just got back form church. Merry xmas and best wishes for you and your family
    I'll miss you lamma rou7 3al ABth :crying:
    Anyway.. Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année ma très chère
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