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  • You and i know that the funding that enabled the Taliban to control Afghanistan was from the CIA and the illicit Opium trade that these very same Americans benefited from. Their actions during the Afghan-Russia war echo still today in our Arab world in the shape of fundamentalist agents that promote a return to the archaic rule of religion to "combat the Americans and heresy".

    In the end you are always free to disagree, for what i voice is but the culmination of my reading and analysis. But there is one irrefutable fact, and that is that the Christians of Iraq survived countless horrors in the region, yet were able to contain and preserve themselves as a community that is somewhat not estranged from the Muslims.
    "So Bush is the cause for the Christians in Iraq AND Egypt's suffering...

    This very vague link reminds me of the massacres the Zionists have done on the Palestinians because of what the Nazis did to the Jews in Europe... Very logical.

    No my friend, I disagree very much. You can follow a history of violence and discrimination against Christians in the East through the entire Middle Ages, and throughout the 20th century. Egypt and Iraq's Christians have only been protected under the Egyptian kingdom and Saddam's Iraq!"

    US foreign policy is the progenitor of Islamic Fundamentalism that plagues our part of the world. From the Wilsonian decree to the policies enacted during and after the Cold War.

    Their activities are not restricted to breeding, but also using these fundamentalist elements to breed unrest and further their policies in parts of the world. Such as in parts of China and India, trying to stagnate their prosperity by creating civil unrest.
    hello i need your help in english 3al sari3
    "in order not to waste yours and the company's time......" fiyyeh oul hek aw baddi oul "in order not to waste your time and the company's...."
    enno 3am beb3at e mail la erfod offer w ello ybattel ydaye3 wa2to ma3eh bas baddi rakeblo jemleh moufideh
    dodzi!!! lol of course it was him and I didn't mistake him with someone I said I read his book and liked it very much but then later on his article was disappointing exactly because I thought he is smarter than that to preach propaganda and he wouldn't cheer for those who seek Lebanon's destruction, Hariri included....yalla its not easy to find that article bc its buried somewhere in fb...and the moment dont have lot of time to search
    Yes it was a very good read and I found him quite balanced this is why I got disappointed over his article on Lebanon. Someone with such a history and supposed thorough knowledge about the country how could possibly talk like the best Hariri puppet? I'm afraid he was well paid to do so....anyway it seems it is not easy to find that article from 1-2 years before...let you know if I did
    Happy New Year Dodzi... May 2010 be full of joy and happiness to you and your family...
    I've only discovered Nicolas Sahnaoui about 2 month ago, but I really love him! He's currently my favorite FPMer!!! I really wish the guy will win!
    So far, I've read mainly three or four Lebanese history books. They were however all in French... The one I'm reading now is "La déchirure libanaise" by Nadine Picaudou. I also read "Histoire du Liban contemporain" by Georges Corm. Dunno if there's a translated version for any of the two books...

    I am sure, however, that there are many history books out there that are quite good. As long as they seem neutral and are written by historians, and not politicians or ex-militiamen, they should be good enough...

    Good luck!

    I've read the thread on BG and I would like to dig deeper into lebanese history and the civil war. Can you recommend any perticular books? In english only...

    Appreciate it!
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