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  • thank you very much! I try to add some flavour to this dull forum made up of politics obsessed people (just like what shadow said :biggrin:). LOOOOL. thanks for the Yvonne pics. I've never since these posters before. much appreciated.
    Thanks mate. I try to add some flavour to this dull forum made up of politics obsessed people. Say hello to Picasso. he is a good guy and ask him has he lost weight yet. If he wants to be a sprinter in the Olympics he has to lose a bit of weight.
    Hi drinkaholic,
    Yeah, over there it is getting to be one color forum and the racism from some guys is intolerable.
    well drinka i have met almost everyone there on the 'other' one, so I can't really demean or ridicule anyone anymore, i thought i'd try here.....hahahahha
    It happened in early october, I think October 4. I'm getting sick of the other forum also. Don't like the double treatment.
    drinka, this is stormy (tony), how are you? how have you been? how come I don't see you at the other one? are you boycotting?
    Good to see you online though
    No we didn't withdrew , we just didn't present our candidacy for round 2:)

    thanks for ur vote in round one...


    (yo just to tell you i am 17, but the joke is that you are 10 days younger than me, so jeel tene...)
    ouff hal jiel !!! 3ammash! min iemtan you visit someone's page and don't say hi... :)
    daw el leil ma 3am beedayen 24 hours before he gets banned ...lol

    I think we are more comfortable than our opponents, not easy though....just check how Geagea is stressed from his speeches...wad3o bel marra electoral wise.... he might get only in Bachareh and it depends on his allies mood.....

    Of course i will come to vote next Spring and I will be voting for the first time in Metn!!!

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