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    Unrest in Afghanistan - Updates and Discussions [Breaking: Kabul has fallen - Taliban rule Afghanistan]
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    In memory of fallen US soldiers in Afghanistan

    May those brave soldiers rest in peace
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    The Connection Of Covid19 On Mental Health and Substance Abuse

    I think it is normal to feel that because of the uncertainties that are happening. What kind of relaxation techniques do you do?
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    Live International News
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    The Connection Of Covid19 On Mental Health and Substance Abuse

    "During the COVID-19 pandemic, concerns about mental health and substance use have grown, including concerns about suicidal ideation. In January 2021, 41% of adults reported symptoms of anxiety and/or depressive disorder, a share that has been largely stable since spring 2020. In a survey from...
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    Democrats Vs Republicans Politics/Media (How gullible is the average US Voter?)
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    Tokyo 2020 - Olympics
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    Returning to Movie 🍿 Post Covid

    I don't think I'll be watching movies in theatres as of now, I just don't feel safe even if I'm already vaccinated
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    On this day in history...

    1974 U.S.A. Nixon David Frost Interview 1974 : Nixon has been interviewed on TV chat shows by David Frost and has defended the right that the President is within his rights to order phone tapping and burglaries if it is in the interests of public safety and has justified the use of these in the...