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    What's the coronavirus update in your area now?

    Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and the United Arab Emirates are among the nations recording record-breaking numbers of new infections. Spain also became western Europe's first country to record over 1 million confirmed cases. What's the coronavirus update in your area now? How are...
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    Where to travel in Europe ?

    Budapest, Hungary Portugal Italy France Poznan, Poland Spain Geneva, Switzerland Cavtat, Croatia Paris Amsterdam
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    What are your top 5 netflix series?

    Queen's Gambit Breaking Bad Stranger Things Mind Hunter Ratched
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    Food Porn

    Love this, paired with wine and cheese
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    why did/didnt got married ?

    I got married because I found the one person I can imagine myself with for the rest of my life.
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    Dr. Stranglove's (Crazy?) Journey Through Cinematic History

    I agree, Charlie Chaplin is one of my favorites.
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    I still believe that God created the earth in 7 days
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    Impact Of COVID-19 On Everyday Work Life

    that's the worst effect this covid has in our country
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    Impact Of COVID-19 On Everyday Work Life

    With respect to the continuity of business, companies around the world have switched over to online/virtual modes of working while global mobility has come to a standstill. Apart from following the necessary precautions and bringing in basic health measures at the workplace such as proper...
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    Climate Change TOTW [23.04.07 - 29.04.07]

    Direct risks of climate change negatively impact agriculture, fisheries, forestry, health care, real estate, and tourism. Extreme heat, heavy downpours, and flooding will affect infrastructure, health, agriculture, forestry, transportation, air and water quality, and more.
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    Complete Lockdown of 111 Towns and Villages

    That's the problem with people, they don't follow the rules. it's just simple, wear a mask and follow social distancing
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    Complete Lockdown of 111 Towns and Villages

    They said there was a sharp increase in cases in recent weeks, thus the decision to completely lockdown 111 towns and villages until October 12. How is everyone doing?
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    The NBA Thread

    Jimmy Butler played damn near perfect on game 3, he scored/assisted on 73 of Miami’s 115 points, one of the NBA finals single-game record. He also became the first player ever to finish with more points, rebounds, and assists than LeBron in a finals game.