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  • hi how can i get this picture of General in a bigger resolution.. i searched for it everywhere and i was ecstatic when i found it here and i hoped u'd help me finding it. my email is [email protected] . thank u
    Anta houna elaskhorkhe?
    Ajal, Rav4sitta houna,lakad ja2at mounzou shahrayn takriban
    Allah youbarikou fika hannn
    It was the best cz we have 4 days off starting tomorrow :biggrin: :thumbup:
    Ento ma 3endkon off? :angel: :devil2:
    bi ghyebak saro 21,095 :biggrin:
    al 7asoud la yasoud :devil2:
    Allah yzidon ya Rabb :thumbup:
    Fi shi esmo wall on my profile, fik tektob 3leih la a3ref ennak raddet 3layyeh :biggrin:
    Law ma bl sodfeh feyte a3mellak ziara, ma 3refet ennak 3abbaretne :sneaky2:
    Have a great Day elads :2415:
    Ma baddi e2esrik, elet iza bla2iki bfout. Bas metel el 3adi kenti 3end em nabil
    Enno beddak ta3melle ziara, 2elle abel bi wa2et la dayyfak shi elads :biggrin:
    w fik t2oul "hi" btw :sneaky2:
    Hey dude :)
    Thanks for asking - been sucked out from the dullness of Lebanese politics - There are better things in life to waste time on than holding on to hopes that someone will someday be able to change something in Leb, don't you think?
    Anyway I'll see you around in the southern part of the forum :)
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