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    Things you will never use but would never throw away

    i was thinking of changing my room at my parents house to suit my kids then i thought what would i do with useless junk? now the project is on hold 😁
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    Orange Room Elections 2019 Round 1: Vote for your 6 potential moderators

    تشهد انتخابات الفوروم عودة كثيفة للمغتربين للتصويت من اجل اوروم افضل
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    Massive 5,000-year-old Israelite city discovered in northern Israel

    we7yet antoine zahra i didnt talk to anyone about this
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    get a room you two

    get a room you two
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    where is the chatbox?? :mad::mad::mad:

    where is the chatbox?? :mad::mad::mad:
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    France Notre Dame De Paris Cathedral Burning

    It’s sad that in the 21st century and in a country like France, this is still the way we fight fire
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    FPM - calls for internal reform?

    Eh li annon zalzalo el ared in the previous democratic elections.. their only goal was to weaken tayyar and let the opponents win At the end akalo khara and Bassil got 29 MPs Thats a democracy lesson for you
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    FPM - calls for internal reform?

    Those pathetic attention remote control whores, this is their 10th attempt maybe to form an anti Bassil movement and it always happens when the attacks on him is at its highest
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    Paula Yakoubian ....

    نائبة الكسـ سارة
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    Paula Yakoubian ....

    Shou asdak bel ot3a el zghireh? el shlekkeh?
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    The latest of Dory Chamoun

    Comparing dory chamoun with bachir is ridiculous
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    Gebran Bassil - Head of FPM, Leader of the Strong Lebanon Bloc and Former Minister of Foreign Affairs

    I just want to know how you understood it as hes 85 He said it clearly شاب ال 84