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  • oh that's good news. inshallah kheir and we see you in montreal. (shakleh reje3 3ala montreal ba3d 2 years too lol). today i'm in the middle of nowhere literally lol. take care and talk to you soon!
    who are you? do I know you? :tongue: l7amdellah all is great. work, more work and even more work spending more time in the sky than on the ground.
    how's everything with you? how;s your work? anything new?
    I'm fine, still alive. nothing much, just home-work-falatein, not more :tongue:
    leik ya ahla ya ahla! bonjour w tnein w tleteh! How are you? all is great?
    qu'est ce que up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still depressed :crying:... me coming in Christmas! :D
    2 days ago tlo3et bas kermilik and you didn;t go online; saturday morning 2elt betfoot, mafitteh... I will go online bas 3andeh doctor's appointment at 11:30 (9:30 3ashiyyeh) I'll try to catch you before this time
    yes because people change... First I love Yvonne... she get's married to someone who has a close character to mine.... then I fall for Kim.... she got engaged about 2 weeks ago to a basketball player (OK hayda mish mitleh :biggrin:)... and she's pregnant already :biggrin:. So I had to change my style in girls.
    bank l emoticons so I don't have to upload them every time :biggrin:

    Hahaha...Meshte2in Ya Faithy...Kifik Enteh?

    Akid she looks like her father...they all look like their father...intelligent, pretty and all...hehe
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