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  • ya 3amme wainak??? is this what marriage does to people??? I can't believe I went to Lebanon and we didn't meet up.
    Hello there fellow forumer :)

    Can I count on your support for the forum elections ? :)

    Her are my first campaign ads:

    My forum election campaign - The Orange Room -
    Thank you shadow, i'm already losing my porcupine skin faster than the receding hairline. :)
    As for the honeyed moon, i still find that its sweetness is more appealing than its stickiness.
    wlek mabrook ya fidelio, may the lord guide you through this enormous step and may you become a kinder and gentler human being. Please do remember it's called the honeymoon for a valid reason so do take advantage of it. Honey if left to the whims of love becomes acidic in no time. But Hey 20 years ago I met a guy who was in a wonderful marriage, that was before he met his current wife, that is.
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