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  • كما ان القس ورقة بن نوفل احد أعمام محمد والذي سعى لتزويجه بخديجة اهتم به وتبناه تقريباً وهو قِس نصراني جهد كثيراً لتعليم محمد مثل ما يفعل كل قِس بأقربائه
    قضية أمية النبي حقيقة غير مثبتة، اذ ان ابي طالب عم محمد ووالد علي والذي ربي عنده محمد قال انه اهتم به اكثر من اهتمامه باولاده فكيف علم ابنه علي ولم يعلم محمد
    Regarding your post in "Demonstrations in Syria" thread (I didn't want to post this in the thread itself):

    "did you say "proportionately"?
    please refrain from using big words on abufijli.
    stick with simple words:

    bahrainis are shiite and thus they are good.
    syrians are sunnis and thus they are bad...
    alayites are neither but close to shi'ite and thus they are good.

    keep it simple for him Lemon."

    Please, insults like this just make his type of trolls stronger. Obviously Abufijli is clever and knows his big words, that's the most dangerous and most annoying kind of internet kook. I think he's a delusional hypocrite, but when you attack his intelligence or otherwise just insult him baselessly like some people in this thread have (I may be guilt of it myself, so I sympathise), you're just reinforcing his feelings of moral superiority.

    Also, I do not think he is sectarian. His bias is based on ideology and politics, not sect.
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