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  • قل للمليحة في الخمار الأسود
    ماذا فعلتي بناسك متعبّد
    قد كان شمّر للصلاة ثيابه
    حتّى وقفت له بباب المسجد
    فسلبت منه دينه و يقينه
    و تركته في حيرة لا يهتدي
    ردّي عليه صلاته و صيامه
    لا تقتليه بحّق دين محمّد
    ردّي عليه صلاته و صيامه
    لا تقتليه بحّق عيسى و أحمد
    Not that I'd bother doing anything to prove how wrong you are. I'd just stop at saying that I forgive you for your sin.
    No I stole it off the net :b He visited us last year, but I missed the concert :(
    hey my friend,

    I just received your sms, I am not sure what you mean since we are both in two different countries. The only possibilities is to speak on the phone.
    You wont be dead, you should stop complaining and start living. go for a vacation anywhere it takes you. Money is not gonna buy you happiness.

    The girl you are talking about is still counting you as a friend you know and hopes to see you again one day and party probably with you. I am not angry at you anymore.

    You should defintly go to Spain wherever in Spain you will enjoy it, its better than canada. I do nothing here except hanging with friends. The clubs are bad in Ottawa, in Montreal its a bit better but nothing compare to Lebanon or Spain. So go and have fun, enjoy yourself for a moment, life is too short, always remember that.
    For Spain, you defintly should go. Can you take a week off from work or maybe more...

    Well, ya I was kind a engaged, was gonna get married next summer, but I guess its not working well for me and him in the long distance thing so the marriage is not gonna happen. Anyway, I will probably go back to Leb for good but just not now, maybe in 5 - 6 years, I am thinking quitting the government and buy myself a business so I can travel more and I will be living a month in canada, another month in Leb.
    I always think spain, and I think you need a vacation and you should go to Ibiza for a week and party there. Too much work is not too good for you!
    sure. add me to msn but I am at work all the time and never on msn. So send u my email at work, we can chat from there. check your emails from here.
    You still in Abu Dabi since March, I dont know how you do it. I have been back to Canada since Middle of May actually. Lebanon was awsome but finding a good job was really hard for me specially with the low salaries and the high life expenses. I came back to Ottawa, buyed a new house 3 weeks ago and working to go back next summer to Lebanon for vacation only. I am ok too, it was hard to come back to work and in Canada since I had really awsome time in Lebanon, but what can we do, there is no place for us to live there anymore. Anyway, we have to deal with it I guess
    hey, I havent go the chance to speak with you in a long time. I know you have tried to contact me but it took me a while to think... Anyway, I hope you are good. Have you been to Lebanon lately?
    Hello :) I hope I can count on your support for the Forum Elections - Round 1

    My electoral campaign:

    part 1:
    My forum election campaign - The Orange Room - forum.tayyar.org

    part 2:

    My forum election campaign part 2 - The Orange Room - forum.tayyar.org


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