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  • I know bro, I just don't find it cost-effective. ADSL is better for me as I consume 10-15 GB+ a month. I have HTC Desire HD by the way, so yeah I can tether if I want.
    hahaha.. Well, you know me, out of all fans, I'm the last to undermine our great master.

    One prophet will do, but the Big Electron definitely needs a leader to make the community stay home switching to HBO special on election day! ;)

    On the other topic, programming is about experience more than anything else. The earlier one starts and the more one practice, the better.
    hehehe... Cheers Frisbee..
    There's a purpose for everything.. ;)

    Anyway, how're things going by you?
    And we desperately need the next Carlin! Spotted any lately?
    for someone who chose a scietific field you surely show an excessive affinity for literature. So what is the subtext in the poem?
    Sorry for being late to answer.

    Just i love this country :) I live here more than 5 years, and i feel it's more home for me, than my homeland...
    I dont know, i love lebanese people much more than my own nation. Even i know bad sides of lebanese people (poor technical knowledge, chaotic life, etc), they have good heart, and generally, i dont know how to explain, they have much more soul than any other nation.
    Yes I did. It was a provocative article about Islam and its view on christian minorities. The moderators decided to delete it for the sake of peace and harmony in the forum. I was curious to know what you think of the points I raised.
    my comment on the righteousness of FPMers was meant to be facetious and sarcastic.
    Ma ba3ref ya Frisbee, bass I think enno 2erfen mn kaza shaghle...
    Metel ma sheyif enta, ma ba2a l jaw metel l awwal
    thx for caring about me being banned permanetly or not
    what i wrote in my last post is that most of these crimes are being commited by muslims (butchering , hanging in public places , crowds and mobs attacking individuals ) ,and it's true , i even asked him to search for it
    why this denial ??? not admitting the truth and what's happening in this world in front of our eyes makes me even angrier , when u don't admit your problem then you wont have to solve it , what i said is true but for the sake of this fake tolerance they just delete my posts (nice tolerance shown in the turkey thread)
    and by the way what posts u wrote and i didn't reply to ??? i don't remember
    and about the ban thing , i believe that the mood of the moderator and his relationship with some members that don't like my posts is going to decide if i will be banned or not
    maybe when i get banned you can go back to discuss how israel is responsible for the black death and how the breasts are causing earthquakes
    yues it has and I meant it that it is good and getting better. However when you wite to me I think you put too much effor in it. No need to at all. Simple is great. And yes I am guilty of writing complicated sentences sometimes but that is not exactly a good thing. As for the subject , dont forget there is cruelty on both sides and Venom was simply trying to tell you that there isnt much to do when there is no justice system. Back in the old days when i wrote in a more serious way I did an essay on how the lack of af good justice system is practically the reason for all the catstrophes that have befallen lebanon since independence. People need justice. Think about it personally, wouldnt it be the most horrible thing to you if someone Zalamak and yet you cant seek justice in the courts? That feeling of zolm is extremely horrible.
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