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  • hey mate, I started following the thread last night our time and I noticed how emotional you got about it. You know this is an extremely emotional incident to all involved so if I may express a friendly observation: It's wise to leave room for other people's point of view no matter how strongly we feel about things. Right and wrong are often dependent on circumstances and in law there is a doctrine of mitigating circumstances. I have also noticed that your writing is heading in the direction you always wished it to, big time.
    Easy on the girl :p mech 7orra t7eb Twilight?? what's with the violent criticism?? :biggrin:
    (inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale......)

    (bloody) cheers :angel:
    for sarcasm nothing is more to recommend than life itself. Just observe people. On Sunday I went to a wedding. In church I walked up to the mother of the bride and said: Martha your dress looks very nice. She looked at me and said: well thank you, that is so nice of you to say. I then said to her : bass ya laytou byelb2lik shi shway.
    I am reading non fiction these days but like I said to you before, try Oscar Wilde books, he is a master of sarcasm and irony. he is also quite enjoyable to read and very witty. Try the picture of Dorian Gray or his play the importance of being earnest. But really mate just take a light hearted view at society's behaviour and there you have the best book of your life.

    Now if you are really keen on great books to read, though a bit hard and about 4000 pages there is a book by Marcel Proust called a la recherche du temps perdu. Read it in english if that is your second language. Another writer you might like is Emile Zola.
    there does come a time when one runs out of inspiration not to mention the need to insulate oneself from the troubles of a country that is destined for eternal turmoil. I do check the forum for news every now and then but like so many before me i found the answer to disillusionment to be in a safe distance.
    "I can still win!!! :p"

    which reminds me, dude i got a plan for round 2 and 3 that presents a no 100% lose situation.. hehe

    i'll private msg u the details ;)
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