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  • I was looking for another one, but the problem is that I love this story :blushing:
    what shall i do? :dunno:
    Maybe they've said it in their minds or hearts :p. Anyway interesting facts this video has.
    IMO, Disney's message tries to tell us that both men and women complete each other.
    Personally, I think that it's very important to have the right partner beside you and it's not wrong at all to be with someone which whom you share everything.
    Enno.. not only the woman is incomplete without a man, also men feel lonely without women..mesh ghalat (imo)
    I think that you have a special way of thinking which doesn't fit with my own hehe

    Well,IMO, it's very normal that women are interested by men and men are interested by women
    IMO kamen, LOVE is a need to have a well-balanced life cz material things don't satisfied alone our deep and real ambitions.. Humans have not only minds in their bodies.. they have also feelings and they need others presence in their life
    Dunno if lonliness is your favorite hobby but I can tell you that for me, LOVE is important

    To be who she wants to be? Okay, but, in the end, she's not a calculator and men aren't computers
    Wherever your ambition takes you, you still a human who needs love and care.. Unless someone had lost his feelings, then I won't call him a human anymore.. He's one of those robots who think that a real man or woman are those who had empty themselves from feelings to become another machine :smile:
    Hmmm... I never saw it like this...
    La Belle et la Bete is very touching. It teach us that the inner and the outer beauty appears when someone is loved for what he is..
    Cinderella shows the power of love.. it rules and wins the battle against hatred

    Sleeping Beauty, yes, i agree with you.. ana aslan ma kenet ktir 7ebba.. bass i always loved Cinderella cz I always hated the injustice and the hypocrisy.. Poor little girl..She wanted the prince cz she loved him. And Love is not a silly feeling; it counts and gives happiness when it's shared..Walla shou ra2yak enta?
    You know smthg? Till now, i still love fairy tales hehe
    And Belle is really BELLE :biggrin:
    Yalla, it'll be my next theme.. la 3younak :cheers:
    W ana 2oul shou sarlo faj2atan !! I thought you had a big fight with zeus and you decided to throw him away :biggrin:
    So.. You've decided to spend your eternal life tossed on a roof? :devil2:
    I decided to change it, hehehe here Parody religion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Go down to Parodies of particular beliefs and look up Frisbeetarianism
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