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  • "hannaalsayssa 1/18/2011 4:14:55 PM

    do what ataturk did...khawj2ouwon once and for all"

    hahahahahhaha you're EPIC man! that made me laugh
    i appreciate your sensitivity, and i respect ISLAM a lot, but you should direct your criticism to the wahhbis nazis who desecrated ISLAM to start with....in nay case i will change it because youy asked nicely ...:)
    hello , can u change ur avatar coz i find it abit offending , dont care about ksa just its a symbol of islam on the flag next to zionist daoud star abit offending . thx
    Happy New Year Hanna... May 2010 be full of joy and happiness to you and your family...
    Lol! Ma tkhaf, jnoud Wilayat Al Fakih ra7 y7ariro Makka Al-moukarama wal Madina Al-Mounawara min al-khawarej al-anjas wa mounafikin qoraych. :43:
    thank you Bro, same to you .Hope they overthrow the wahhab govt in hejazz,,,now that will be something worth celebrating NO??????????
    GENERAL will never ally with these scums, maybe some kind of a non binding agreement of economic bla bla bla......i have heard GNEREAL opinion about the salafis and he passed my own blood test LOOOOOOOL....
    finally the two respective bases will never gel, with the HA most of the bases actually embraced each other...but with the terrorists, TRY TO IMAGINE HANNAALSAYSSA embracing one of bin laden atba3..........just imagine.
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