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  • hell refuses to accept these filth low lifers. most like they will burn where they die and turn to ashes, just like when a dracula is stricken by a wood stick. evaporate.
    they are soulless........
    Btw Hanna, shou baddak fiyoun lal jame3it Wahhab wa ahl el dhummes, they have nothing to say and do but to follow blindly the petro-blood-riyals that are being transfered to their terrorist-backed accounts. Don't let them intimidate u, we need more Hanna's within FPM... Those LF, FeI-backed thugs shall have theirs one day or the other, especially since their KSA King master is busy getting drunk with Bush hehehehe
    Hannaalsayssa 2a2wa 3alam...Those wahhabi / salafi terrorist scum freaks should rot in hell.

    The power of the Riyal shall disappear, w ma biso7 2ella el sa7i7...

    Tripoli Lana, Loubnan koullou lana.
    for a wahhab apologist such as you, it i surprising how much you are ashamed of who u r, so u hide behind republicans and western names and acronyms.
    my brotherly advise to you, is tell your people to leave us all alone in lebanon and take back their money and sponsored groups , and we will all be fine.
    as fpr politics, as long as the haters are around, we shall be waiting and eagerly showing thier true colors to the unsespecting innocents and unwilling victims.
    you should really take a break from politics and enjoy life a bit!! you are going mad a loosing your mind!!! it is not worth it whether gma is a god for you or not. take it easy. there is so many things more important in life then politics. really take a break!!! it is people like you who lanchh wars in lebanon. extremists.....
    do you ever work or do something about your life a part of writting extremist fanatic lunatic post about your god GMA?
    really, that is funny, how long that dude have been posting there, i suspect that sobhi due from yesterday doing that, the guy behaved like a freak, more than your usual avg wahhabi joe LOL
    No reason at all.... Someone posting there has the same name as you... (the person got banned eker shee)
    Its not just a simple clown, its Ronald from McDonald. He was kidnapned for a while for the americanism way of life.
    I always read your responses and laugh my *** out. I think you are such a funny person. Long live buddy :)
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