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Nov 2, 2010
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    1. manifesto
      @Indie how can I delete my profile for good? Oroom is becoming too much of a distraction for me.
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      3. manifesto
        Might Goat 3am betghannaj that's all :p
        Sep 15, 2017
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      4. Noborders
        @Indie make an option where we can delete the whole profile with all its posts :P
        Oct 1, 2017
      5. Indie
        @Noborders , I am a humble moderator. I do not have such powers :)
        Oct 1, 2017
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    2. false Morel
      false Morel
    3. false Morel
      false Morel
      Check posts #44 and #45 in the photography thread...
    4. false Morel
      false Morel
      Oh by the way, guess who I welcomed home last week??
      Shallow Depth of Field. :D

      The 35mm F1.8 is home. And I'm in love already.
    5. false Morel
    6. false Morel
      false Morel
      True.. I'm more into landscape..
      But one factor is the pricing. The 12-24 is almost 1000€!!

      And the 70-300 is a really high-quality lens, on par with the 16-85, and complements it very well. It's not only about portrait. At 300mm it's a real telezoom. It's useful.

      Other than that, I can shoot on a tripod multiple shots and stitch them into a panorama.. However, the 12-24 is a must after all. It's very useful in group photos as well!!
    7. false Morel
      false Morel
      Oh btw, next on my list are the following lenses in chronological order:
      35mm DX Prime Lens, 70-300 mm, 12-24 mm DX, and then maybe a micro lens..

      Will probably get the first lens before the end of this year.
    8. false Morel
      false Morel
      The camera is great!
      I'm totally satisfied with it. Will be uploading a lot of photos soon. Till November I really have some good free time to use!

      As to Nokia, rest assured, if the tech was not good enough, I wouldn't have posted about it!!
      That was just one video used a teaser to the launch event and shot when the phone was not ready yet. They already posted actual samples and used only actual samples during the launch event.

      The bad thing about the video is that it was deceiving in that it portrayed the Lumia 920 was the actual shooter.

      Not a big issue to me as long as the tech itself is a proven one.
      And you know the media pretty well. They are act against such discoveries as captain Hook finally finding his treasure!!

      I'm getting one anyway. And will be posting pics from it soon enough.. :-)
    9. false Morel
    10. false Morel
      false Morel
      I've hit the 3000 photos mark I think.. That's more than a bit me thinks.. :D

      The issue is that shooting in RAW costs much time. So I decided to do JPEGs from now on, unless RAW is really needed!
      Specially that Nikon are known for their best in-camera JPEG development.

      Haven't uploaded any pics to Flickr yet though!
      Will do it this month for sure though. Otherwise, I might not do at all due to time constraints. This month is almost a free month for me.

      How's your photography going?
    11. false Morel
      false Morel
      Inny!! How's things are going on the other side of the Atlantic?!

      Care to explain what is the link about? :D
      Both, too lazy and lack of time to look it up. Do you have anything to do with the site or just sharing it?
    12. false Morel
      false Morel
      Oh my!!

      I meant something sweet and little like this:

    13. false Morel
      false Morel
      hehe.. Well good to know you still got the same spirit..
      But not for long. Soon you will tranform into a slightly different thing. ;-)
    14. false Morel
      false Morel
      I won't surrender!
      I will turn you into a false morel no matter how much time and effort it would take me! :biggrin:
    15. Salome
      yep in original is always better...if you like his movies am sure you like many similar ones from Cuarَn, Almodَvar and other indie movies lol...and we even live on a different continent:D we can arrange that movie night when you are in USA or why don't you take a plane to Lebanon for Easter?:))
    16. Salome
      I don't know about his political views... I appreciate him for his movie performances, my favourite is La mala Educaciَn and Y tu mamل también - try to watch them in spanish....I still didn't see his newer movie:También la lluvia ...he looks cute but not that handsome:D but he is an amazing actor
    17. Salome
      nice avatar:)) any favourite ones from him?
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