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    مائة الف مقاتل

    مائة الف مقاتل
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    US Sanctions on Lebanese politicians - Magnitsky Act [updated list in OP]

    Should we wait for the next republican president for new sanctions on Aounists ? :(
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    POST-Elections 2022

    But will they side with fpm this time also ?
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    "ليش بعد في شباب تيار وطني حر؟؟"

    He talked about pandora leaks and those whose names were among it, namely amal bou zeid
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    POST-Elections 2022

    Any updates on tashnag 's position in the coming elections ? Will it side with FPM or we3yo l chabeb ?
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    "ليش بعد في شباب تيار وطني حر؟؟"

    I dont like him either, but I have to admit that it is fun watching current and ex aounists bashing each others. The interview with Ziad Aswad the other day on AlJadeed and what he said against Amal Bou Zeid was exquisite. Btw , where was Elias Bou Saab during the ceremony ? Was he drinking...
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    "ليش بعد في شباب تيار وطني حر؟؟"

    Etre aouniste en 2022, est-ce grave docteur ?
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    "ليش بعد في شباب تيار وطني حر؟؟"

    Joseph bou fadel who was a hardcore pro aoun said that FPM wont get 25% of what they have now in the coming elections.
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    "ليش بعد في شباب تيار وطني حر؟؟"

    Majority and minority does not make sense as long as a terrorist organization threatens the lives of innocent people and many corrupt parties such as the one you proudly support back it. The coming elections will be FPM against FPM (i.e ziad aswad vs amal bou zeid, roger azar vs nada boustany...
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    "ليش بعد في شباب تيار وطني حر؟؟"

    My point is that FPM cannot dare to take any decision that contradicts HA's will. FPM exists only because HA wishes so. And the very reason the former exists is because the latter has not yet said its final verdict. Those are indeed 2awedem and innocent people. Yet that does not absolve them...
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    "ليش بعد في شباب تيار وطني حر؟؟"

    All these kbar w zghar w twal w 2sar w 2awedem w ma 3endon wala no2tet dam 3a kaffon , what would they respond if they were asked to choose between Hezballah and Tarek el Bitar ?
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    Massive Explosion in Beirut | 04-08-2020

    How did HA backstab Aoun ?
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    THe coming one is pompeo

    THe coming one is pompeo
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    Oct17 election plans

    Any visibility so far on the preparations of the elections in Kesrwan ? Is it true Youmna Gemayel will run the elections along with Nehmat Efrem ? Will Farid el khazen make it this time also ? And who could side with him ?