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  • ehhhhhhhhhhh d7ake 3layye bi hal emoticon :sneaky2:
    Khalas mbayan 3ala chaklo mich mabsout :tongue:
    Ok i will call you
    Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 3layna .... la ay mata baddik tdallik ze3lene ???????? :msncry:

    Ay mata baddik netle2a 3ala chi sob7iye :rolleyes: ????
    Welcome back :msnparty:
    Hope you are not sad anymore :frown: .... mich mahdoume inte w ze3lene :sneaky2:
    Hello there fellow forumer :)

    Can I count on your support for the forum elections ? :)

    Her are my first campaign ads:

    My forum election campaign - The Orange Room - forum.tayyar.org
    Madame bonjourik ... comment vas tu ??? :dunno:
    Do you want to go out with me someday ??? :blushing: .. w ykoun l maw3ad 2arib ma ti2idfine la sint l jeye :sneaky2: .... w iza ma baddik ... ana 2arrarit 2odhar ma3 ghayrik :devil2: ... lol :biggrin:
    T2akharté l yom ta tlo3té online ... 2élét ana l hay2a 2arrar wa 2akhiran ychouf l nour :clap: ..... Téré ba3do mkayyaf ma 7al ma howé :biggrin:

    Yalla get some rest :surrender:
    Lovely Avatar Kakou ..... leyk chou mahdoumiiiiiiiiiiiin .... loool :angel: ..... salmile 3layoun ktir :msnsmile:

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: 7esse bi chi walla lissa ????
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