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  • yeah i saw it, u made my day w akalteh thank u :tongue: :thumbup:
    halla2 eza ma btozbat ma3ik menballesh asaset :biggrin:
    Lady ana ma 3endeh meshkleh, bas it gets annoying recieving PMs all the time, kermelik hehe i'll try to do something with pictures this weekend if i have the time and send it to you. I'm not giving up, well not yet at least lol :sneaky2:
    baddeh kharjik men ta7t ideh :smartass:
    Tnx Samer i am coming this summer to see my parents..and hope the situation will be good there soon..
    Hi Samer ..nice meeting you..wishing you all the best..are you in Lebanon?if yes..I envy you as i miss lebanon soo much..take care:)
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