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  • Take your thanks back. If you dont know my twisted humour by now I don't know who would. My whole point was if you have no physical beauty then you have NO choice but to work on inner beauty as in blur reality to make it malleable to the imagination. And I also thought the last line gave i away totally. The **** thing for me is there are no humourous posters to learn how Lebanese humoiur functions. Can you imagine if all the others thanked me under false pretenses.
    Anyhow how do you pay for the green coloured name?
    I need your wisdom to explain this phenomenon to me. On wednesday I sent an eamil to a friend of mine in the USA asking her to look up in the phone book an old friend of mine's phone number. She doesnt know him. This morning I received an email from a friend in usa telling me some guy gave him a friend's phone number to give to me. It was the same guy. the girl never contacted him and she does not know any of those people. so I sopke with him for like 2 hours after 15 years of not seeing him or having any contact with him. It was just like yesterday. simply amazing
    i have been fine until the second wave of market turbulence began. I was going to be in Lebanon next week but had to cancel.
    I had to look at your previous postings to see what political background you have. I discovered you shy away from politics and you focus on the interesting topics. That is an excellent trait. Your stock shot up substantially.
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