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February 6
Let us know a bit about yourself
I have been following the Orange room for years now, reading and going through interestings posts and other people's perspectives and myriad point of views.

Years ago I searched on Google for a site that allows lebanese and others to discuss matters, and therefore I happend upon the site.

I guess now it's time to give voice to my own thoughts and perspectives, especially after reading nearly 1000 pages of the current "revolution" thread. Having seen some questionable posts and ideas, if not controversial, I figured I can join in on the "fun".

Since I wrote this much, I might as well add that I am soon a lawyer and have aspirations in the financial and banking sectors. I am not particularly affiliated to a party, rather I criticize the mistakes and fallacies of others.

We all love Lebanon and would like it to see it as an independant entity capable of shining prosperously once again. It is to that end I stand for.

Good talk. :p


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