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  • hi,


    in this thread 2 years ago u said that u didnt have any problem with eBay, and i would like to know how? because Lebanon is not listed on the PayPal list of countries, and u can open an account on PayPal unless ur country is listed so that the credit card number would match.. and therefore, u cant buy anything from eBay because sellers usually refrain from accepting another way to transfer their money other than PayPal..

    thanks in advance for ur reply


    Jo N,
    Hi Joumana, thank you, you're very sweet. I wish you the best and hope that this disgusting judicial system and country evolve to minimal civilization. Good luck!
    Mich, you are one the bravest quiet ones around. I am so grateful for your support and wish you all the best. Please let me know if you need anything. Joumana
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