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  • u pretty much welcome but what will you be if you win, like what is that elections for? Becoming president for Tayyar lol?
    حركة ٦ شباط سميت على إسم إنتفاضة ٦ شباط التي وقعت في سيف ال-٨٣ وال-٨٤ وقت ما هجم أمين على بيروت إلغربيه. الحركة تم انشأها من قبل شاكر البرجاوي وهي عبارة عن كم دكان بطريق الجديده.
    Hahaha your campaign is hilarious.
    But ya Mickey, you are asking me to chose between you and the other dudes, tsk tsk, I can't. Lamma tkoun ahliye bi mhaliye I do not vote ;)
    bet2oul eddem kell el forum ennak bet7ebb el 3amid fayez karam w ya ret ken mouracha7 3a ley7et sleiman bek :)
    3a rasi, gali w talabak rkhis. I'm leaving to Leb in a few days, if the elections happen before I leave I'll make sure to vote for you.
    of course i know him really well! he was SV 3a iyeme!
    and i used to Love Helen! ba3edne bchoufa bi ballouneh from time to time i say hi to her :D
    ziziponpon means having sex! she used it with freud and those bunch of philosophers when referring to sexual acts :p
    once a friend of mine in TES bakkeha w tol3et men l saff 3am bet fa7ech i really felt bad for her :( w fi marra jebet ruban a7mar w rabbatetna kellna ta nejmad :p she would i'm in love with her that teacher she's great !
    yeah i've heard about this year's promo ktir wasakhouwa it wasn't fun kenet habal! derouwa 3a teksir w spray! ne7na 3a iyemna kenna nezra3 dinamites bel cour akid feye2 kel sot byotla3 ken wrejj l dene :p we used to bring chicks(poussin) frogs and rabbits, na3mol droube bel asetze, water gun/ballon fights, potato cannons and so many things!... it was more fun than actually breaking everything!
    nice work mate! We should take revenge of all the years that Habbouch was in control of us :p and also Simon!
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