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  • l3ind ahla 3a mahla. Yalla not to worry you can always go to deir l salib and become a nun and live out your days watching the world off a balcony and going over love stories that never materialised. Bala l rjel w bala hammoun

    Wlik dont lose hope. Like I told you before, ma fi wala tini m7amda 2illa ma allah byeb3atla douri a3ma. Your douri may just be around the corner.
    I am fine ya green pink orange angel. Have you found a husband yet la yrayyi7 ahlik minnik or are you still reading Cinderella stories?
    ana immune against hackers la2enno iza bel fatra el madyeh fi nes jarrabet tfout 3a my account , ma byetla3 bi wejjoun ella "you have been banned ....." so ma byestafido men accounteh bi shi :biggrin:
    halla2 3refteh lesh kenet 3am bekol bans ??? kermel e7meh 7aleh mnel hackers msh kermel sabab teneh
    :scared: that wasn't me , ana ma bektob hek osas , msh men shiyameh
    someone hacked into my account and wrote that :sneaky2:
    halla2 iza el nes mtal3a 3layyeh ishe3a enno ana betshaytan deghreh betsad2iyon ??? shi marra 3melet shi bidell 3a shaytaneh ???
    ya di3an el khebez wel lounge li baynetna
    walla shta2na
    at least ba3dik bte7keh ma3na
    3adatan hol li bye3lo bel taba2at el ijtime3iyeh (supporters) bibatlo ye7ko ma3 3ammet el sha3eb :tongue:

    btw shou hal lon el shani3??? zegho 3youneh walla , ya ma7la profile nayla
    ah hayde inte? ma3riftik kteer lebi2lik el akhdar! I've just been busy touring the world.. eh eh ana jagal el USEK :d
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