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  • hello

    are you in Lebanon? and are you with Herpes diseases? sorry if asking that , just me looking for some one with herpes here in lebanon, me with herpes, if you are like me, it would be great to communicate

    my address [email protected]

    bye now
    أعمال الشغب لا دخل لها بموضوع التصحّر بتمنّى يرجع يصير موضوعي منفردًا وغير مدمجًا بغير موضوع، لقد طرحت موضوع قائم بحد ذاته فأرجوكم أن لا تبخلوا علي بأن تضعوه منفردًا
    :sneaky2: :sneaky2:

    Why Ors? kheir, cheer up at least you've got friends around, shou baddeh oul ana ,killon frinséwyyé hon lol....pm me if u want to talk about it ....miss u tooo
    ok I will ask the same members to vote again and they will...

    and the sources are wrong:D

    Allah y2awwike :thumbup:


    2albeh with you :biggrin
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