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    Rest in Peace our fellow Oroomer “William Azar”

    It is with a very heavy heart that we announce the passing of one of our own here on Oroom, @williamazar , William was a victim of the devastating events of August 4. This thread is to mourn his memory on this forum, and to pay our respects. May he rest in peace.
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    The Unknown North Korea.

    We only accept Dollars 😁
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    [False Rumour] Entering Lebanon - Are USDs allowed at the airport?

    Hey Viral, this thread can stay, no harm, it has been 1 week that people are saying this on the media. Joe Tayyar posted a legal paper from the lebanese customs that clarify the issue.
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    USA Violence and Civil Unrest in America [Daily protests ongoing against Racism and Police Brutality]

    Mods are in full support of such kind of videos specially our Penguin @Jo keep them coming!
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    The Exploits, Excesses and Hysteria of the Black Hearted Ziad

    @Rafidi your suggestion to delete this thread is rejected, all members have to do is debate politely away from foul language. نعمل لاجلكم
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    October 17 Revolution

    Ill keep your post and treat it as fake or no proof of what happened until proven otherwise!
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    What About Corruptions In The Lebanese Army?

    Thread locked for the moment!
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    Announcements New Member? Introduce Yourself

    W khod ma3ak jacket bas todhar!
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    Announcements New Member? Introduce Yourself

    You have nothing useful to say, you come here to swear to me, to @Jo and other members.
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    Announcements New Member? Introduce Yourself

    I have something in mind, give it some time lol
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    Post a pic of yourself or your environment Thread :)

    Ghassalt idek mnee7?
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    Announcements New Member? Introduce Yourself

    I will have to ban you 3a so7it el salemeh!
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    2019 Coronavirus Disease "COVID-19" [Russia approved first Covid-19 vaccine]

    I got mentioned here, it seems ttakal!